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We supply from 1 units (9.50 euros incl VAT) t / m very large numbers

We are one of the leading manufacturer suppliers of ceramic thimbles in the Netherlands. We deliver from one piece to wholesale quantities. The thimbles with your print are handmade in the Netherlands. We use a high quality porselain (not the thick ones but the thin ones where you can see the light thrue (Bone China porcelain)). We deliver worldwide.
How it works? You send your photo, logo, picture to us (digital or on paper). We will reduce your photo to the proper size. We send this image to the printing office who makes a printsheet with special pigment. By hand we put this print on a thimble. After drying, the thimble will be baked on 800 degrees Celcius to get an excellent quality. It will not fade in the sun and is even dishwasher and microwave proof.
Examples of customers

We supply thimble printing quantities from one piece till very large numbers (thousands or more). Price starts at € 1,10 a piece (excl VAT and sending costs), so good margins are possible.

Delivery time (after payment is received) is approximately 2-3 weeks for quantities below 500 pieces. Bigger quantities in consultation with you. 
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We supply porcelain thimbles and other products with your company logo, text or pictures even in small quantities, perfect for collector fairs, clubs, tourist offices, souvenir and tourist industry, business gift, charity, hospitality etc.

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